People powered politics convention in June
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People powered politics convention in June

On Saturday 22 June the movement will come together for the online Convention, ‘People Powered Politics’ - the fourth annual convention of the Community Independents movement.

Turbocharging the movement’s networking and sharing, this convention is a must-attend event for community leaders, volunteers and anyone passionate about harnessing the collective power of communities to create a better future for Australia.

In Geelong we are exploring the possibility of hosting a live gathering at a venue in the Geelong CBD, so we can follow the convention together from the same screen. Let us know if you are interested in joining us.

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Featuring over 50 speakers, including all the Community Independent MPs and Senator, announced candidates, commentators like Richard Denniss, Juice Media and Punters Politics, and 20 sessions across multiple streams, there is no other event like this. People from more than 100 electorates have already signed up.

With less than a year until the next election, community electorate groups have been forming and activating across the country. 

Determined to do politics differently, people are inspired by the ground breaking precedent set by Indi and Warringah and built upon at the 2022 Election. They are holding community conversations, finding like-minded people and setting up collaborative teams. Some have identified candidates and are getting campaign ready.   

Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Whether you are a supporter of the movement, involved with a community group or campaign, wanting to find like-minded people, or interested in learning more, the Convention has something for everyone. 

Be part of people driven democracy in action - book your ticket now!

  • Be inspired: gain an insider’s view on how the Community Independent MPs are doing politics differently and changing the national conversation on key issues from climate, integrity and respect for women to cost of living and tax reform
  • Connect: network and share what’s ahead with like-minded change-makers, volunteer workers and community leaders, key campaigners, candidates and organisations supporting the movement 
  • Gain insights: hear and chat to thought leaders, key organisations and campaign experts on strategies for the upcoming federal election
  • Celebrate: putting people at the centre of politics.

Book your ticket now!

A direct line can be drawn from the 2021 Community Independent Project ‘Getting Elected’ Convention to the success of the 2022 Election. You can expect to see many of the supporters, volunteer workers and candidates who attend this year’s Convention celebrating on Election night! This is your chance to join in, network with others and contribute to the Community Independents movement. 

We invite you to be a part of history with us. Register now!  

See you on 22 June.