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About Us

We are a group a voters in all ages from Geelong, the Bellarine peninsula and the Surf Coast who all agree on one thing: We cannot be passive bystanders while this federal election gets into gear, not without at least having done our bit to try and change the outcome for the better.

Watch this 4-minute video, where Mike Lawrence, a former independent candidate in Corangemite, explains about our general idea with this kind of democratic mobilisation of our community, and what we are aiming to achieve:

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Voices of Corangamite aims to:

• ​Create space and opportunities to facilitate open discussion about important issues allowing representation for residents within the Federal electorate to participate in Australian democracy

• Support a community-nominated, independent candidate that puts climate and the needs of the Corangamite residents first

• Enable the voice of residents to identify key priorities and the platforms for the selected candidate to pursue in his or her election campaign and, once elected, in Federal Parliament

• Conduct election campaigns in creative and innovative ways that reflect community values.

Voices of Corangamite is part of a national movement - a community uprise. All around Australia right now groups of people are talking about who we want to represent us and what we want the next government to look like. 

If you have been wondering why we still have no national climate policy in Australia, here is one of the major reasons why.


We need all hands on deck!
Here's what we are looking for help with. Where can you see yourself fit in?


You are an organiser?
Help os mobilise volunteers and organise the work flow!


Help with door-knocking, handing pamplets out, hanging up posters, assisting at events, cooking...!


Help with spreading the message on social media, updating the website, writing newsletters, etc.


If you don't have time to support as a volunteer, you can donate to our group - or to Climate200.


To highlight where we are in need of assistance and support, as we get more and more volunteers and donors on board, you can see our current team configuration on this graph:



The federal election will take place within a few months. If we are to make a
significant difference, as we expect we will, we need to move fast. 

Australia's democracy is broken - and no one is coming to fix it, unless we 
do something about it.

In Greta Thunberg's words: "Democracy is everything. We can't save the
living planet without it.”

Climate action in Parliament
Integrity and truth in politics
Respect, equality and inclusion
Representing the community, not vested interests
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