‘Voices of Geelong’ meeting at Beav’s Bar
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‘Voices of Geelong’ meeting at Beav’s Bar

Are we going to stand by and watch our democracy crumble - or will we rise to change the course of history?

In terms of climate and politics, it's time to get organised in Geelong and the Surf Coast. The next federal election is just around the corner and could - technically speaking - happen as soon as August this year. It is probably more likely to happen in the first half of 2025, though.

The rise of the Community Independents movement in Australia is a remarkable resurgence of morality and honesty in Parliament. It's about restoring integrity, embracing science, and ensuring safety. It’s about reestablishing respect for women and upholding the values that mothers hold dear.

If enough of us agree, we can ignite this movement in Geelong, and for that we need your passion and commitment. Join us this Thursday at 5pm where we will be exploring various expressions of interest.

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