E-day could be any time from March until May
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E-day could be any time from March until May
A seismic shift is happening in Australian politics. All around the country independent candidates with courage and vision are stepping up to challenge the political status quo. They call for action on climate and for renewed political integrity and accountability. Currently there are 24 community-supported independents running in the upcoming Federal election. 22 of them are women.

Bradfield in Sydney’s North: Nicolette Boele addresses her supporters at her campaign launch.



Mike Lawrence ran as an independent candidate in the federal election in 2016. At an online meeting on 22 February 2022, he explained how Voices of Corangamite has been formed by voters in the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions as their contribution to what is beginning to look like a real political revolution in Australia.

Click on the video to hear Mike Lawrence explain.



“We are at a unique point in human history. Due to the scientific genius of men and women, we can either on the one hand improve the standard and quality of life of all mankind or we can destroy the planet as we know it.”

~ Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister of Australia

How does your MP vote on the issues that matter to you?

→ RenewEconomy - 3 March 2022:
“A misinformation ecosystem:” Scott Morrison’s climate ads given Public Disservice Award
"The government's $30 million dollar greenwashing campaign, which has been pushed mercilessly on voters through social media, has received a ‘Public Disservice Award’ for it’s work spreading misinformation on the government’s climate credentials and energy policy."

→ RenewEconomy - 3 March 2022:
Zali Steggall reveals plan for net zero, says current disasters just “tip of the iceberg”
“Independent MP Zali Steggall has announced a five-step plan for an “orderly transition” to 80 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and net zero by 2050, including targeted support for more renewables, electric vehicles, and green manufacturing.”

→ The Advocate - 28 February 2022:
Australian voters focus on environment and health in election year
“A poll of regional newspaper readers has shown the number one issue for voters this election is climate change and the environment.”

→ The New Daily – 22 February 2022:
Liberal denies letterbox plea shows he’s vulnerable to teal challenge
“Ms Steggall and Ms Daniel are commonly referred to as “teal” independents for the way in which their platforms marry classically inner-city ‘blue’ Liberal values with concern for climate change.”

→ Euronews – 9 February 2022:
Extreme weather leads to more votes for green parties, study suggest
“With more and more people experiencing extreme weather, voting patterns are changing too, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change. Researchers found was that high temperature anomalies and dry weather have a significant effect on voting patterns at a subnational level, increasing votes for green parties.”

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